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Our selection of 200 best photos of the Dakar 2020.

Check the link: BEST PHOTOS 2020 RALLY DAKAR

There were so many photos and it was super difficult to choose some, just did not want to make the album too long, so hope you will like these! The Dakar 2020 was super difficult for us, especially for me. I have mentioned it before, it was not really that bad physically, but mentally. The car, which is probably the most important piece of equipment you need got broken after stage 1 and made everything much more complicated. Then someone stole my camera and lens, but nothing really compares to what happened during the first stage of the second half of the race. There you realize that things like cars or cameras are not really important … In terms of photos Dakar 2020 was quite nice, lot of different stuff to shoot, nice canyons, dunes, rocks, even some palms. I cant say I am happy with the result as I will never be, but considering the conditions we had, we did quite good job. It wont be possible without help of Jiri, Honza, Kuba and Pavel and many other outside of the team, so Thanks a lot to everyone and I will make everything possible to make my 10th Dakar in 2021 even better 🙂

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