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2019 - 4th EDITION

The fourth edition of our competition will also take place in Buzău County and will include hilly and plain areas. For this edition, we can be proudly announce that Mr. FRANCO PAOLI joined in our team. Mr. PAOLI is one of the most renowned car makers in the raid raid and the person who helped start Pharaoh Rally in Egypt. In this edition 2019 BAJA 500 edition you will mark the introduction of the Historical Vehicle Class in our competition.

2018 – Year of the maturity

Date: 22-24 June Location: Buzau, Braila Number of Specials: one Lenght of Specials: 483 km and 22 km transfer Total distance: 505 km The third edition The BAJA500 ROMANIA takes place in a single day on many kilometers in this magnificent area of Buzau County. This race was a very fast and difficult race because contained different types of routes along the plains, hills, forests, mountains and even sand covered ground. This competition, being both renowned and valuable, was supported by the local authorities: the Buzau County Council, the Local Towns Halls, the Gendarmerie, the Police, the Emergency Situations Inspectorate – the Firefighters. The institutions of the county allocate over 400 collaborators in this event, in order to provide protection and safety to the participants and the watchers (on each local area) at the Baja500 Romania Competition. After three of BAJA 500 editions, the competitors concluded that BAJA500 is a hard competion where the mad and the complexity of the road can give them the sensation that they are in one stage of the DAKAR competition and named BAJA 500 ROMANIA „the competition of rally raid as a day of DAKAR”. In this event was partipated for the fist time 7 crews from Israel and entered the contest 20 SSV. Maybe we can name 2018 year „the year of speed” because it was the first time that the BAJA500 Romania speed reached 182 kilometers/ hours. The first winner – Israel crew: HEYMANN RAZ, SEGAL HILLEL from the TEAM POINTER ISRAEL Sport Club.

2017 – Year of the confirmation

Date: 28-30 April Location: Prahova, Buzau, Braila Number of Specials: one Lenght of Specials: 494 km and 16 km transfer Total distance: 510 km The second edition of BAJA 500 Romania was the edition with a new an variate road (mountain, forest, hills). In this event was partipated for the fisrt time the crews as Rally Art Italia which was participated at DAKAR`s competions. They considered BAJA 500 competition a day for testing them cars for DAKAR. Also, in 2017 was for the first time put on the entry list an crew from Israel. In 2017, BAJA 500 ROMANIA was included in the ACSI MOTORSPORT International Championship. The first winner – Israel crew: HEYMANN RAZ, SEGAL HILLEL from the TEAM POINTER ISRAEL Sport Club.

2016 – Year of the Start

Date: 22-23 April Location: Bucharest, Ialomita, Calarasi Number of Specials: one Lenght of Specials: 494 km and 60 km transfer Total distance: 554 km The first edition of BAJA 500 Romania was the roll of Maurizio Bordon, ex pilot and car constructor in DAKAR`s competions in the period 1990 – 2000. His great rally raid experience was transfered in the new rally raid competion in Romania. This event from 2016 was a real succes because was the first time when was participated in Romania over 50 international sportiv crews from 8 countries, most of them with a great rally raid palmares. Them feedback after the event was very positive, they was very excited to test them cars in a new type of road in a new country. The first 64 km was named by the competitors „the hell road” because of the mad and for this reason almost 50% from participants abandoned the competition. Who succed to past those 64 km of the mad were considered „HEROES”. In this event, the organizers provided participants with surveillance helicopters. This edition was included in the Est European Competition and in the Rally Raid National Championship. The first winner about the first rally – Bulgarian crew: TSANKO TSANKOV, ZORNITSA TODOROVA from Bulgaria.

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